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Sword in hand, Paige rose and closed her eyes. She heard the thundering of drums and hoof beats and the sound of a thousand boots on the ground; she heard the crackling of fires and metal striking metal and the battle shrieks of warriors … she heard a cry inside her head and stumbled back, knowing it was her own voice.

The Novel

“The Swords of Ialmorgia” is the story of Paige, a sixteen year old girl searching for her true identity as she carries out a quest. Will she prove to be a champion – or a weapon about to unleash itself on the world?

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Amazon Reviews for The Swords of Ialmorgia

A wonderful escape to a world of mystery and suspense!” – William C
“Think Katniss in a Lord-of-the-Rings-type Journey” – Nancy P
“Wonderful fun summertime read” – mortydog
“An exhilarating and enchanting tale, told with mastery by a gifted author. 5 out of 5 stars” – Richard H

About Linda

Linda Chambers has been involved throughout her life in the theatre and film/video business as an actress, a director, a producer, and a production coordinator, but primarily as a writer.  She has written plays, screenplays, how-to videos, industrial, commercial, government and college recruitment films, essays and short stories. Linda teaches screenwriting and playwriting on both the high school and college level, directs at local theaters, works as a standardized patient and is writing her next novel.

“The Swords of Ialmorgia” (el — more – gee – uh), Book One is available on Amazon Kindle. Book Two is on its way. An appendix with maps, locations, people, and pronunciations is being developed.  Linda is currently at work illustrating Celia Straus’s children’s poem Sophie the Monarch Butterfly: Mission to Mexico! set for publication in late Fall 2023.

Other Writings

The following short stories are included in anthologies published by Cat & Mouse Press and available on Amazon.com and in bookstores in the coastal towns of Maryland, Delaware and southern New Jersey. “The Fog” (Beach Life); “The Dark Ride” (Beach Pulp); “The Ginger” (Sandy Paws); “The Ship To The Grey Havens” (Beach Mysteries); “The Legend of the Waxing Crescent Moon” (Beach Holidays). “The Dark Ride” also appeared in the horror/mystery anthology Fae Shivers: Remembered Nightmares, and “The Dormer” in Darkness Screams: Howling Deep, both published by Fae Corps Publishing. A lovely tribute book, Grandmother’s Wisdom, was published by Fae Corps and edited by Patricia Harris, who gathered memories from a number of writers and included my memory of Louisa Miller Goldschmidt, “You Are Welcome Here.”

Three plays produced by Pumpkin Children’s Theatre: Most recently, “Little Red” (2018), a kid-friendly reimagining of Little Red Riding Hood, in which Little Red isn’t the only one in the forest who disobeys Mom. Coming soon: “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. A couple of expelled fashion school students wind up creating a new wardrobe for a bombastic, narcissistic king.

Short screenplays (“Welcome To My World”/“To Be or Not To Be”, 2018; “Unusual Things” 2019), directed, shot and edited by junior/senior high school students. The films premiere at a local movie theatre; the premiere includes a red carpet, velvet rope and arrival-by-limousine for the young filmmakers.

Plays produced in New York, Los Angeles and Baltimore.

“Joan” (independent feature, Bradford Mays/Director); “Requiem” (Maryland Public Television); “The Clown”, “Afternoon With The Girls” (Channel 22/Manhattan Cable TV)


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